A piece of Paradise

Outcasts Saunas


We invite you to be part of our story, to immerse yourself in the therapeutic heat and cooling freshness of our facilities, and to embark on a journey towards wellness that aligns with the rhythm of your life. As “outcasts” who have found our own way to well-being, we open our doors to you, the seekers, the curious, and the unconventional, to explore and embrace wellness at Outcasts Saunas.


Health Benefits

Welcome to the serene shores of Outcasts Saunas, where the harmonious blend of tranquil beach vibes, hot saunas, and cold plunges creates a symphony of well-being that echoes the peaceful rhythm of the waves. Immerse yourself in a haven where the soothing embrace of the beach meets the invigorating pulse of holistic health, guiding you on a journey towards vitality and balance.

Cardiovascular Support:

Step into the warmth of our saunas, where blood vessels gently expand, promoting robust blood circulation and a heart that beats strong. Regular sessions contribute to lower blood pressure and enhanced cardiovascular well-being.

Respiratory Harmony:

Inhale the steam's gentle embrace, allowing it to clear your airways. Ideal for those seeking relief from respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma, the sauna's steam mimics the refreshing sea breeze.

Relief from Fatigue & Pain:

The sauna's therapeutic heat offers relief from chronic fatigue and pain. As muscles unwind, blood flows, and your body releases natural endorphins, you'll experience a sense of comfort and ease.

Peaceful Mind, Tranquil Beach:

Our saunas provide a serene space for mental well-being. As stress melts away in the soothing warmth, a sense of tranquility washes over you, reducing anxiety and promoting an uplifted mood.

Dementia & Alzheimers:

Emerging studies hint at the sauna's potential to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. The sauna's impact on brain health, combined with improved circulation, may contribute to these benefits.

Balanced Inflammation:

Witness the ebb and flow of inflammation regulation, as the sauna's rhythm encourages a balanced and resilient immune response.


The sauna's embrace encourages you to sweat out toxins, just as the beach air refreshes your spirit and clears your mind.

Skin Revival:

Experience the heat's transformative effect on your skin as pores open, revealing a natural, healthy glow, reminiscent of sun-kissed beach days.

Boosted Immunity:

The sauna and cold plunge tandem fortify your immune system by promoting the production of protective white blood cells, similar to the way the beach strengthens your connection with nature.